Hello! My name is Joel. I’m 30 years old and I’m from Antipolo City, Rizal. I am a history graduate and a Licensed Professional Teacher with experience teaching kids in elementary and high school. Teaching is my passion, and I intend to pursue a career in this profession. I enjoy molding young minds, watching my students grow, and assisting them in developing unique attributes and cultivating their individuality.



I enjoy playing badminton because it gives me more energy and builds social interactions. I like reading historical books and watching documentaries. Traveling is also fun, and every time there is a place to visit, I look for a museum! It gives me new knowledge and experience to better understand the place.



Dear students, learning is fun, just as it is when you are willing to discover and learn a new language. We will be by your side throughout your English-learning adventure.


※本記事の日本語訳は、DeepL を使って翻訳されたものです。