Hi there, my name is Apollo, a certified visual graphic artist and a registered professional teacher with more than three years of experience in teaching English. In addition to that, I had experience tutoring and teaching children, teenagers, and adult learners. I took various web seminars that convey knowledge about different learning modalities and ensured student learning outcomes with online distance learning. Before the pandemic, I was also an active coach on our English Festival events. During the pandemic, I was the coordinator and production manager for virtual ceremonies. Do I love teaching? Absolutely, yes! I found that teaching is my passion for helping learners form their being. I will be more than happy to share my knowledge and skills so that my learners will become productive individuals. As an English teacher, it is my goal to mold young and adult learners to be able to communicate globally. Moreover, I always keep in mind their uniqueness as English learners.



I like reading speculative fiction, avant-garde poetries, and contemporary essays where I learn current ideologies from those pieces of literature. I also like binge-watching random genre of anime, and my favorites are Ghiblis because those do not only portray amazing fairy tales and love stories but also depicts morality and values. Most of all, I  make time watching movies together with my family. I love cycling and having recreational activities that involve connecting with nature.  I also love having adventures and exploring the beauty and sublimity of nature. Those activities are helping me to unwind from draining events and also an opportunity to have bodily exercise to maintain a physically fit body.

推理小説、前衛詩、現代エッセイを読むのが好きで、それらの文学作品から現在の思想を学ぶことができます。また、好きなジャンルのアニメを夢中になって見るのも好きで、中でもジブリは、素晴らしいおとぎ話やラブストーリーを描くだけでなく、道徳や価値観も描いているのでお気に入りです。そして何より、家族と一緒に映画を見るのが一番の楽しみです。私はサイクリングや、自然とつながるレクリエーションをするのが大好きです。 また、冒険をして、自然の美しさや崇高さを探求することも大好きです。これらの活動は、疲れた体を癒し、健康な体を維持するために体を動かす機会にもなっています。


It will be my honor to be your facilitator in developing your communication skills with confidence, I will make sure that you will enjoy learning the English language. See you!


※本記事の日本語訳は、DeepL を使って翻訳されたものです。