Hi! My name is Nicki, I have a bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I graduated around 2020, just after they lifted the quarantine in the Philippines. I have worked as an emergency responder in a private company. I have my teaching experience with my younger cousins, nephew and niece. I did a little tutoring on my college subject when I was still in college.



I love doing art, like drawing, painting, and even writing novels. I read a lot of novels. It’s where I broaden my vocabulary in English. Of course that’s not the only material I used to learn my English. I watched a lot of movies, series and I even watch cartoons still. Watching movie is a form of bond in my family. We have a very big family that, still to this day, are seeing each other for the holidays and we go back to our roots when Holy week starts. I love my family, friends, pets, my drawings and I do a lot of painting. Here are some of the examples of my art and paintings on both digital and traditional mediums. I love to sing as well. When I am stressed or having a bad day, I get that negative emotion and turn it into something positive like, going out with the family, making art. My favorite genre in show or movies are Horror and thriller. It gives me the adrenaline just like drinking coffee. Family is everything to me. Especially my nephews and Niece they are very close to me and my sister. We just not watch movies we play video games as well.



 Hi! I hope to see you in one of my classes. I’ll be delighted to teach you and we’ll have fun learning English together.


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