Hello! My name is Liezle, and I am a licensed nurse and a former Overseas Filipino Worker. I had an experience as an Administrative Assistant/Telephone Operator/Bus Supervisor in one of the International School in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for the past 8 years. I’m being engaged to different kinds of nationalities everyday in the school such as parents and students; I’ve learned  how to communicate with them properly and on how to assist and handle different kinds of situation. Although my course is nursing, my heart is always full being around children and I believe teaching is more of a mission than a job that’s why I am eager to always give my best.



I love singing, in fact, I’m teaching children in our church how to sing and dance. Singing my favorite songs makes my heart happy and I express myself way by doing so.



Hello, I’m so excited to meet you very soon! We will study English together making it fun and enjoyable like singing!


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