My name is Kristine, but most people call me “Chin”. I used to work at KidZania Manila for almost 4 years. Like other teachers, I teach kids the proper life skills that they should possess as they grow and learn more about life after school. I have always been fond of being around kids and I believe that I, too, can learn a lot from them. What I like about teaching is that everyday is a different experience.



In my spare time, I love taking dance classes and watching movies or series. I’m also into attending events, going to museums and traveling whenever I can. If I were to play a sport, it would most likely be badminton since I grew up playing it with my cousins. I have a pet dog named Guppy. She’s half Shih – Tzu and half Lhasa-Apso. I like dressing her up and teaching her new tricks from time to time. She’s my best-friend and we consider her to be the youngest sibling in the family.

余暇には、ダンスレッスンを受けたり、映画やシリーズものを観たりするのが好きです。また、可能な限りイベントに参加したり、美術館に行ったり、旅行することも好きです。もしスポーツをするとしたら、いとこと一緒にバドミントンをして育ったので、バドミントンが一番でしょう。私にはグッピーという愛犬がいます。彼女は半分 ラサアプソとシー・ズーのハーフです。私はグッピーを着飾らせたり、時々新しい芸を教えたりするのが好きです。彼女は私の親友で、家族の中では一番若い兄弟姉妹だと思っています。


Hello! Let’s make learning fun together! I can’t wait to explore English with you. See you soon!


※本記事の日本語訳は、DeepL を使って翻訳されたものです。