Hello! My name is Ina, and I am a single mom of a 14 yr old boy. English teaching is a passion of mine. Do I love teaching? Definitely, yes! I love meeting new people and sharing my knowledge with them. Since I was young I would pretend to be an English teacher, in particular while playing with my stuffed toys and even give them their grades.



I love watching movies, documentaries and animes. I love spending time with my family during weekends. I love going to places like the beach or out of town. I know how to speak a little bit of Spanish. I used to do ramp modeling and print ads, well I still try to when my ad agency calls me. I also, know how to play a little piano. Here is a sample of my print ad:




Hello! I hope you would enjoy learning as much as I did while growing up! I hope I can help you love the English language too!


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