Hello there! My name is John. I am 23 years old from Quezon City, Philippines. It makes me happy whenever I see student give their best and succeed in trying. I also want to make sure that they’re having fun while in the process of learning. I know I succeed in teaching when my students can answer, speak, and read confidently and joyfully. That is what I want for all the students that I will teach.



I’ve been a member of choirs and string ensembles. I can play many types of instruments like drums, keyboard, guitars, and recorder (flute). Long story short, I really like music!

I also have a pet dog named Milo and I like spending time with him. I always train him to do tricks and walk him at our neighborhood. He’s an energetic dog that’s why he always lift me up when I’m tired.




To my dear students, just knowing that I can be a part of your journey in improving and applying English language excites me! It will not be completely easy but together, with your hard work and my guidance, our teamwork can make your dreams work.  I will make sure to be there when you make mistakes and turn it into a learning experience. What I only ask from you is to believe and be kind to yourself in every step of the way. Together we’ll make it!



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