Hello, my name is Chen, and I’m a licensed professional teacher. I bring a wealth of experience in guiding learners of all ages, from kids to teenagers and even adults. My passion for education extends beyond the classroom, as I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching my own kid, nieces, and nephews. I believe in fostering a nurturing and engaging environment where every student can thrive and discover the joy of learning.

Do I love teaching? I absolutely love teaching! It fills me with immense joy and fulfillment to guide and inspire my students on their educational path. Witnessing the spark of understanding in their eyes when they grasp a new concept or conquer a challenge is incredibly rewarding.




One of my greatest passions is watching movies and series. Among them, “A Walk to Remember” holds a special place in my heart as my all-time favorite movie, and “Manifest” tops my list of favorite TV series. Besides providing entertainment, immersing myself in English movies and series allows me to experience different contexts and cultures while learning new words and phrases that enrich my language skills. It’s a wonderful way to combine enjoyment with personal growth.

I love exploring places and enjoy traveling with my family. But I have yet to experience solo travel. If I decide to travel alone, Japan is my dream destination, where I look forward to savoring their delicious food and exploring beautiful sceneries.




Hello! I’m happy to be your teacher as we embark on this language adventure together. Let’s make our virtual classroom a space of fun as we explore the beauty of the English language. See you in my class!



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