Hello there! My name is Ricalyn. I am 24 years old. I have taught speakers of other language -young learners and adults learn the English Language through online for 1 year. My Bachelor’s Degree isn’t teaching but upon working as an ESL teacher, I learn how to be patient and understanding in dealing with students. I don’t consider teaching as a job, I’ve always considered as a passion. Sharing my knowledge and helping students learn the language is one of my goals.  I like to make sure that my students learn the language while having fun and not thinking of it as a burden. Teaching them how to speak, write and communicate the language which will be very useful for them today and for the future.



I love going out for adventures during my free time. It may be going to the beach, visiting different places, mountain climbing, etc. and search for inner peace to relieve my stress. I am fond of travelling with family, friends or independently.



To my dear students, I am more than happy and excited to meet you in class. It would be my pleasure on being part of your life journey in learning the English language. I will make sure to help you learn the language in the most simple but fun and exciting way. I promise to deliver one of a kind lesson with you!

You can do it! I believe that you are capable enough in learning the language. See you in our fun and exciting class!



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