Hello! I am Teacher Rey! I am 27 years old from Camarines Norte. I am a passer of the Civil Service Examination here in the Philippines and will be taking Professional Teaching Certification (PTC), to teach students abroad in the future. I always make my class fun and interactive. My goal is to guide my students to be confident in speaking and writing in English, as this will be a necessary skill for them to conquer and open up endless opportunities worldwide.




I love music! I play the guitar, drums, and the piano. I sing and do karaoke as well. I love reading books in my spare time. My favorite ones are about Dinosaurs, Mythology, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.I have a soft spot for animals, especially dogs. I have two puppies and a pregnant stray momma cat that I’ve rescued. Here’s a picture of one of my pups, eagerly waiting for his bath time at the river behind our house! Cute, isn’t he?




To my dear students, I am very excited to meet you! I’ll be your reliable, fun, and knowledgeable sensei who’ll teach you the English subject in the most fun and exciting way I can! See you soon!



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