Hello! My name is Apple, and I am a graduate of Bachelor of Physical Education who has experience in teaching kids and teenagers through service learning for 2 years. Also, I became a student-teacher in an integrated basic education department of our university (NDMU-IBED), where I taught Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health Education. I attended various training and seminars which honed my skills in teaching.



I love dancing. It helps me express myself and it is a good stress reliever. Because of my love for dancing, I even became a part of a long-existent dance troupe in our locality. I also love singing and travelling with my family. We love going to beach and parks. These activities strengthen our bond. I love cats. I adopted one from my grandmother last 2020. I named her Buding. Everyone thought she’s unlovable and grumpy but with patience, love, and kindness that I showed towards her, she became healthy and cheerful. She’s my best friend!



Hello! I’m Teacher Apple. I am looking forward to meeting you all. As someone who loves teaching and interacting with learners, I am hoping that you will love learning English with me. Let us study English while having fun together!


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