Hello! My name is Arcedel, and I am a Licensed Professional Teacher who has been teaching English to grade school, junior high school, and senior high school for 14 years. I am TEFL certified as well. I attended various teacher training to help me learn and create new teaching strategies for students to sustain their interest in class. Do I love teaching? Definitely, yes! In fact, it’s been my job for fourteen years already. Teaching is fun, challenging, and interesting.  I love to share my knowledge with my students. I love to inspire and make a difference for the students. I want to be an effective, active, and fun teacher so you can enjoy your lessons with me.

こんにちは!私の名前はアーシィデルです。私は14年間、小学校、中学校、高校に英語を教えてきた教員免許を持った教師です。私はTEFLの資格も持っています。生徒が授業に興味を持ち続けられるような新しい教授法を学び、創造するために、様々な教師トレーニングに参加しました。私は教えることが好きなのでしょうか?間違いなく、そうです!実際、もう14年間もこの仕事を続けています。教えることは楽しく、やりがいがあり、興味深いものです。 私は自分の知識を生徒と共有するのが大好きです。生徒たちにインスピレーションを与え、変化をもたらすことが大好きです。私とのレッスンを楽しんでいただけるよう、効果的で、活動的で、楽しい先生になりたいと思っています。


I love to cook and bake. For me, it’s incredibly satisfying! I like it more when people appreciate my cooking. I love to share my baked products with my friends as well. Most of them would ask for more. I also love traveling. It serves as therapy for me whenever I’m stressed. I travel with my family and we enjoy this activity so much.  I am a certified dog lover! I have four dogs at home. Seeing them so happy whenever they see me coming home feels so good.



Hello! I hope that we can meet soon, and let’s learn the English language together. It will be my pleasure to have you in my class. You will learn English in a fun and creative way. Can’t wait to see you in my class!


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