Hello, my name is Erika, and I am a licensed professional teacher. I teach elementary pupils. I have studied the English Proficiency Program in TESDA and I will be pursuing my master’s degree this year.  Why do I teach? I teach because ever since I was a kid, it has been my greatest dream and now that I get to do it, it makes me feel complete. I love teaching because it is something that lasts forever and giving the knowledge I have to these kids makes me feel amazing, and I believe that the teaching profession creates all other professions.



I love reading books, especially Greek Mythology, I love singing karaoke with my family, playing guitar, and I also love taking care of animals and planting vegetables. I love drawing and painting, especially when I feel so down because it gives me comfort and I get to clear my thoughts and forget about my problems even for a short period of time. Here are some pictures of my artwork.



Hi! I am so excited to meet you. I promise that you will love English subject as much as I do. See you in my class!


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