Hello lovely learners! My name is Tine, and just like you, I love to learn and improve myself. I recently graduated and have a strong passion for teaching. As part of my internship in college, I had experience teaching high school students in both face-to-face and online settings. I enjoy interacting with diverse people and learning about each other’s cultures and languages. I enjoy teaching because at the end of every lesson, in addition to inspiring my students and sharing some of my knowledge, I also learn something new from them. There is no better feeling than knowing that my students have learned something from me, and I’ll do my best to make my class a pleasant, engaging, and positive environment.



I enjoy cooking different recipes for my family because it’s my way of showing my love to them. I also enjoy watching fun and entertaining videos on Facebook or YouTube in my free time. I love to travel because I get to discover beautiful places that I haven’t been and hopefully, I get to visit places outside the country too. I love dogs because they are adorable and loving, which helps take stressful situations away. We have dogs at home, and since they are a part of our family, we always take them wherever we travel. Meet Coffee and Sugar, two of our dogs.



Hello! I’m excited to meet you. Let’s learn English together while having fun. See you in my class. Talk to you soon! Bye!


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