Hi there~! My name is Lynyrd, I am from the Philippines. I am an English Teacher, and I love to teach students,  especially also my young Japanese siblings the English  language.  I like to be interactive when teaching, so that everyone  will have fun as well~! I think learning should really be  an enjoyable and calm experience. My mission is to share and teach my knowledge of the  English language, until all my students learn all the  essentials and use what they learned to happily achieve  their own goals and aspirations.



I am fond of reading books, watching movies and  listening to music whenever I am not busy. I also like  to go on walks at parks when the weather is nice. Whenever I have the opportunity, I also always go on  trips to Japan and be with my family as a Tourist. I  love Japan’s beauty, their food, and their culture. My  siblings are also Japanese, so whenever I am there, I  teach them English too~! I also like to study the Japanese language as well, and  I learn best every time I talk to my brother – we talk  a lot. He is also fond of the English language.



To all my students, I promise to give you everything I’ve got in teaching the English  language, I will not stop until you learn the things you need to know – that’s my devotion  and duty as your sensei.  It would be an honor to see my students fly with their success, achieving their dreams and  ambitions using the things they have learned, as stepping-stones for their future. I shall be eagerly waiting to work and learn with you, see you in class~!


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