Hi! I am Yesh, and I am a Literature major. I make songs, write poems, and love organizing my thoughts with ink and paper.

Do I love to teach? Absolutely! Teaching allows me to meet different learners with different views, culture, and with amazing skills and talents. Lastly, teaching not only gives me new learnings and set of skills, but also secures my growth and improvement.  As a teacher, I aim for the learner’s brighter and better future.

こんにちは!文学を専攻しているイエスです。歌を作ったり、詩を書いたり、インクと紙を使って自分の考えを整理するのが大好きです。「教えることは好きですか?」もちろんです!教えることで、さまざまな見方や文化、素晴らしいスキルや才能を持った生徒たちと出会うことができます。最後に、教えることは私に新たな学びやスキルを与えてくれるだけでなく、私の成長と向上を保証してくれます。 教師として、私は生徒の明るくより良い未来を目指しています。


Do you want to know more about me? Buckle up! for there would be a lot.

I love to…

Also, I really am into watching anime, listening to their songs, and collecting posters, stickers, and keychains. Speaking of collection, I collect dinosaur stuff, flowers, and shells from the shore. I also love working out because it keeps me fit, healthy, happy, and see things better and rationally.  I love animals. Meet the big handsome dog, Spyke, and the small princess Miyu.  And I have here my hamster, named Coral. She’s living rent-free who only loves to eat, squeak, run, and sleep. Here’s a childhood dream that I want to achieve… and that is to teach in the future.





Hello! I hope that we can meet soon. Come learn with me, smile with me, and sing with me as we have an English class together. I will make sure that our class will be fun and full of learnings! See you!



※本記事の日本語訳は、DeepL を使って翻訳されたものです。