I’m Nayely Suzzane P. Dizon, a Bicol University Polangui graduate, passionate about creating engaging learning environments. As a Cum Laude graduate, I have a solid foundation in education and practical experience from internships and beyond. Organizational skills, attention to detail, and adaptability are my strengths. I’m approachable and believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive classroom. My student-centered teaching style promotes critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. We’ll explore diverse methodologies, collaborate on projects, and embrace lifelong learning.

I pursued Education with a major in English, intrigued by the love-hate relationship I had with the language. It was a personal challenge, a battle against fear and doubts that I was determined to conquer; and I succeeded. As a Pre-service teacher for three months, I delved into the teaching profession, engaging with teenagers, kids, and the essence of education itself. The experience transformed me; I fell in love with teaching, and in return, gained profound insights beyond the classroom walls. Now, armed with passion and a deeper understanding of education, I am eager to continue my journey as an educator, inspiring and empowering students to embrace the beauty of language and learning.




Indifferent to animals before, my perspective changed when I welcomed a furry companion, Khouky. Now, I travel 67 kilometers just to see my beloved dog, the most cherished part of my life. His unconditional love transformed me, forging an unexpected and profound connection.



Join me on this educational adventure to explore academia, gain insights, and overcome challenges. I’ll support your growth and help you reach your potential. I appreciate literature, movies, and rest. Let’s value downtime and peaceful slumber. I’m excited to meet you, foster a dynamic environment, and celebrate your achievements. Let’s embark on a transformative and enjoyable educational journey.


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