Hello there! My name is Audrie. I am 24 years old. I consider myself passionate and self-motivated, and since English is my favorite language, I am passionate about teaching it and motivated enough to encourage my students to learn it. My goal is to guide my students and help them become more confident with the English language. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree last July 2022. As a communication graduate, I learned the importance of listening, communicating, being patient and always looking forward.




My hobbies include reading, writing, listening to music and watching movies on Netflix. Also, I like learning new things and playing board games like Scrabble.



To my dear students, I am very excited to meet you. As you learn English, I will be there, ready and thrilled to guide you in your journey. I will do my best to help you accomplish your English-learning goals and will work hard to deliver lessons worth your time. Always remember that you can do it and that you will do great. As the quote goes, “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible.’” See you all soon!




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