Hi there! My name is Grace. I am 22 years old. I am an English Education major. I choose the teaching profession because I want to help my future students to love English. My main goal as an English Teacher is to help my students to love and be confident in speaking English with a knack for making learning fun and engaging. Also learning English is an essential tool to communicate globally.




I am happily married at the age of 21, and we were gifted with a cute and healthy baby boy. My husband and I love Anime, and when I was in high school I loved to cosplay but now, I love to collect manga books and regency novels. When I have time for myself, I also try to do yoga as it helps bring a positive aura and helps improve my health. It is important for us to bond with our son so me and my husband always find time to go out together even though we have different work schedule. Whenever we have time together we go on a family picnic.





To my dear students, my mission is to inspire and help you reach your full potential. I’m here to guide and support you on your educational journey. Let’s make learning an exciting adventure together!




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