Hello to you! My name is Lai. I live in the City of Waterfalls in the Philippines. My experience as a private tutor during the pandemic lasted about two years, and I learned a lot from it, including how to manage my time well, be patient, and generally be organized. I like guiding my students with their academics as well as building their confidence, especially in speaking English. In my class, I make sure that what you feel is heard and understood. I’ll teach in a manner that encourages you to speak without the fear of making mistakes.



I love beaches so much! Aside from painting and crafting, I love freediving and snorkeling too. You will get to see a lot of colorful fishes and coral reefs underwater.

ビーチが大好きです! 絵を描いたり工作したりするのはもちろんですが、フリーダイビングやシュノーケリングも大好きなんです!水中ではカラフルな魚やサンゴ礁をたくさん見ることができます。


To my future students, I don’t know you yet, but I think you’re wonderful and brilliant. I believe all of you have unique interests and gifts to share, and I want to help you show everything you’ve got just please always have faith in yourself. You are capable of performing any task, no matter how difficult it may be. I can’t wait to meet you and support you with your English language journey.




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