Hi! I am Lili. I am 23 years old from Baguio city, Philippines. I have been teaching for less than one year. I value my student’s time. That is why I give them quality learning while having fun. I aim to provide understandable English lessons where my students could gather vocabulary they could use in daily conversations.



I love to spend my time reading and teaching toddlers because these things makes my heart happier. Sometimes, I also enjoy listening to music, watching anime or listening to music from anime because it gives me inspiration to keep moving forward.



To my students, I am looking forward to teaching you English.  Embrace the journey of learning English with enthusiasm and curiosity, for every word you learn brings you closer to unlocking new opportunities and connecting with the world. Let’s prepare on this exciting learning adventure together. See you in class.

生徒の皆さん、私は皆さんに英語を教えることを楽しみにしています。あなたが学ぶ全ての単語は、新たな可能性を引き出し、世界と繋がるということに近づくので 熱意と好奇心を持って英語学習の旅を楽しんでください。一緒に素晴らしい冒険の旅に出かけましょう。それではレッスンでお会いしましょう。


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