Hello there. My name is Lor! I enjoy guiding my foreign friends to learn more English. I love spending time with my students, and I always make sure that they are having fun while learning. My goal is to motivate my students to learn English, guide them and focus on their needs so that they can be confident in speaking.




I like to be active and try new things. My hobbies include painting, making digital arts, video-editing, language learning, dancing, weight-lifting, wall climbing and doing muay-thai. I also like to keep myself updated by reading educational articles and watching documentaries on the internet. I like travelling and exploring new places to learn more about the people, history and culture of other countries. I enjoy connecting with the nature as it gives me a relaxing feeling. I really love Japan and the culture, so I hope to visit one day. I enjoyed watching animes and J-dramas when I was a kid.



To my dear students, I am very excited to be a part of your English-learning journey. I promise to deliver the best quality of lessons with you! Always remember to believe in your abilities and potential, take the challenges and be a better version of yourselves. There is no end to education, so never stop learning. You can do this, and I am here to guide you!



※本記事の日本語訳は、DeepL を使って翻訳されたものです。