Hi there! My name is Nina. I am 26 years old from Bohol.   I have been teaching for almost 3 years now. I absolutely love spending time with my students, ensuring they learn and have fun in the process. My goal is to help my students become confident English speakers, making learning enjoyable and engaging. I believe mastering English is essential for global success, and I’m here to guide them every step of the way!

こんにちは!私の名前はニナです。 ボホール出身の26歳です。教え始めてもうすぐ3年になります。私は生徒と一緒に時間を過ごし、生徒たちが学び、その過程を楽しめるようにしていきます。私の目標は、生徒さんが自信を持って英語を話せるようになること、そして楽しく魅力的な学習ができるようにお手伝いをすることです。英語をマスターすることは、世界的な成功に必要であり、私はその全ての過程を指導します。




During my free time, I love to read books, scroll through social media for fun, and stay updated with the latest news. I also enjoy spending time with my dogs—petting them, taking them for walks, and strolling with them helps relieve my stress. I love having lots of pets! Additionally, I find camping and watching city lights from the mountains incredibly peaceful and serene, making it a great stress reliever for me.



Dear Students, I am thrilled to be a part of your journey as you learn the English language! I promise to do my very best to provide you with lessons that are meaningful and engaging. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; they’re there to help you learn and become better each day. Just remember to learn from them and always believe in yourself—you can improve! Learning English is fun, and becoming better at it every day is even more exciting. You can do it! Let’s make this learning adventure exciting and enjoyable.


※本記事の日本語訳は、DeepL を使って翻訳されたものです。