Hi there! My name is Teacher Lieah. I am 22 years old, and I live in Cebu City. I have been teaching English for a couple of months, and for that small span of time, I really enjoyed it and wanted to teach more students! My goal is to guide my students to improve their English speaking, writing, listening, and vocabularies to make them confident in using the English language.



I like to watch food, beaches, and funny videos online. Also, I like learning the languages and cultures of other countries.



I make sure that my students are enjoying themselves while learning in my class. I liked it so much when they told me, “You’re the best teacher I had.” To my dear students, I know learning English is hard, but I am very excited to make it easier and more fun by teaching you. I will do my best to give you a high quality of teaching! See you in class!

私のクラスでは、生徒が楽しみながら学べるようにしています。生徒たちが 「あなたは最高の先生だ 」と言ってくれるのがとても嬉しいです。親愛なる生徒の皆さん、英語を学ぶのは大変なことだと思いますが、皆さんにより分かりやすく楽しく学べるように教えることをとても楽しみにしています。質の高い授業を提供できるように最善を尽くします!クラスでお会いしましょう!


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