Hello there! My name is Cres. I am 34 years old from Davao. I have been tutoring my cousins, nieces, and nephews for three years now. I love teaching young people, and I always make sure that they are having fun while learning. My goal is to make learning English fun and student-centered so they can get the best of their time learning with me.



I love playing badminton, going to the gym, biking, and hiking. Keeping myself active is important to me. Whenever I’m in the park, I always try the slides and the swings. It makes me so happy and bringing back the child in me. I love the beach and nature. I also love to travel in different places and try different local food.  I’ve been to Japan recently and I fell in love with the people, the food, and of course, onsen.



To my dear students, I am very excited to be a part of your journey in learning the English language. I promise that I will do my best to deliver quality lessons with you! Believing that you can means that you’re already halfway there! Let’s have the courage to continue and be better every single day, for learning never stops!

親愛なる生徒の皆さん、私は皆さんの英語学習の旅の一員になれることをとても嬉しく思っています。質の高いレッスンを提供できるよう、全力を尽くすことをお約束します!できると信じるということは、あなたがすでにその道半ばにいるということです! 日々向上し続ける勇気を持ちましょう、学びは決して止まらないのです!



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